February favourites.


I frequently scour the web looking for inspiration for my blog posts, especially when I want to write meaningful pieces.

Many times I find incredible pieces that I read and re-read over again because I realized I could relate to it, I found inspiration and surely, it made my heart smile.

This past month I stumbled across a few pieces that are worth mentioning and I want to share it with all of you.

Don’t date a girl who travels…

A blogger wrote a satirical piece giving readers a million reasons why someone should never date a girl who travels.

Date a girl who travels…

In response to the previous blogger’s piece, came this.

I’m a traveler- not the kind who will quit their job on a whim and welcome uncertainty (although the thought has crossed my mind a few times) but the kind who will create opportunities for myself to see and meet new places and faces. It’s funny because both articles are relatable in so many ways. Parts of me live a simplistic life. Traveling taught me to live outside of my comfort zone. I wore the same clothes for days, went four weeks without being able to really scrub down my body, and for a girl who loves make up- the only thing I wore on my face the entire Asia trip was sunscreen. Yes I was dirty and looked less than impressive but I loved every aspect of it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Traveling taught me a kind of independence I can’t learn anywhere else- the type of independence where all I can do is trust myself with everything I have.

On the flip side, I still love a nice bag and watch. I’m not an adventure junkie all the time- I like certainty and stability. Being able to go into work everyday and be around the same people, sitting at the same desk surrounded by my very own things comfort me. Familiarity is a cozy feeling. While I’m independent and quite self-sufficient, I’m still a girly girl at heart. Although I can go without, I love makeup- it makes me feel pretty and strong. It’s not masking anything- it merely accentuates the beauty a girl already posseses. I love romance and I still believe in chivalry- I don’t always want to be alone. I want to trust someone else besides myself and you lose a bit of yourself when you let them in. I used to be irrational, stubborn and tempered. Traveling taught me patience and calmness. I’m still stubborn- that’s a work in progress.

Traveling teaches a lot of things that being stayed put can’t. There’s always pros and cons to everything so it’s all about finding a good balance between the two.

The best advice from a single guy…

This has got to be one of my all time favourite reads. If you know me, you know I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m in love with fairytale movies and I think a Prince Charming exists (don’t they?). Those are some days. Other days, I’m bitter about relationships when I see ones around me crumbling, myself included. I question often if there is ever a happy medium and how one even gets there. I envy 80 year old couples who still hold hands walking down the street. How on earth did they make it this far and still radiate that kind of energy with each other?

This fellow took a year off to travel the world and interview older couples to determine the secret to the success of their relationships. And guess what? It’s nothing we’ve never heard before or don’t know. This piece is a gentle reminder to all of us of what it takes to be happy individually and as a couple.

Happy reading!


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